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I finally – finally! – finished the May page in my calendar journal. I’m overall pleased with it…

mixed media calendar page

mixed media calendar page

mixed media calendar page

mixed media calendar page

I started the June page – so far I painted it pink. And it’s going to have black designs. Other than that I have no idea what I’m doing. I chose green for May because my son was born in May, and the birthstone is emerald. My daughter was born in June, but the birthstone is pearl. I’m not doing a pearl page. So I chose pink instead. Funny how I never cared much for pink before Lily was born. Now I love it!

In non-arts & crafts related things, I finished reading Emma, by Jane Austen. I adore Emma! I loved this book – I hated to put it down. One thing that I particularly loved about Emma was her honesty in looking at herself and the mistakes she made. She was quick to acknowledge when she was at fault, and determined to change her ways.

I started reading Daniel Deronda by George Eliot. I haven’t read any George Eliot for a few years, and I’ve never read Daniel Deronda. I like it very much so far. I like Gwendolen a lot – I admire her ambition to be something more than the status quo, even if she doesn’t necessarily have the means to do so. Or even know what it is that she wants to be, other than fabulous!

And Project Runway…I was disappointed that Wendy and Andre left so early. I remember loving Wendy’s designs from the first season, and Andre is such a character. oh well. I’ve still got my Kayne and Josh!

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So I finally watched the season finale of Project Runway the other day and I am so so happy that Dimitri won. He’s been a favorite of mine from the beginning. His clothes are so beautiful and sewn perfectly, and I just like him. I wanted either Dimitri or Chris to win. I feel badly for Chris that he didn’t win the competition, but at least he won the major challenges – Lord & Taylor’s, Babies R Us, the Rockettes – so he still has those opportunities to get his work out there.

And tomorrow starts the new Project Runway All Stars. I’m very excited! Kayne, Josh, Andre, and Wendy Pepper! This is gonna be good!

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the never-ending shrinky dink project
Here are some of the Polyshrink pieces I’ve completed so far.


I love how they turned out. I call them “fragments” – to me they are like bits and pieces of time past.

I have more that I baked but I want to try applying the Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Inks to the edges, instead of the Krylon leafing pens that I normally use. I like to color the edges – it gives a nice finished look. I used the Krylon pens on the pieces in the photo above – I use light gold and copper. I have a few more things I want to experiment with too. So stay tuned!

i’m ok and i’m on my way
Last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I went to the Joyce Meyer conference in Hershey. I was so happy to go, even though I had to commute back and forth (two hours each way! At least I had plenty of good music to listen to). I have felt so worn down lately, and I hoped the conference would leave me feeling strengthened and refreshed.

I love Joyce – she is an amazing woman – I so admire her strength, her boldness, her honesty – and she is a fantastic Bible teacher. But it was a wonderful time, and I feel so privileged and blessed to have been able to attend. She’ll be coming back next year, and with my next paycheck I will start saving so that I can afford a hotel room!

creative reality tv
A bit late here, but I am so glad that Abdi won Work of Art. I always thought he was very talented, and he’s also humble and down-to-earth, two qualities that I love. Miles is very talented as well, and I have no doubt that he will go far in the art world. It was a really cool show, and I’m looking forward to the next season. Watching this show has made me question whether I really am an artist, or a crafter. I decided – who cares? I’m a maker of stuff, and I’m leaving it at that.

Project Runway has started again -yay! I just adore Tim Gunn. I like this season’s designers – although some of them are getting a bit full of themselves, which is a turnoff. I really like Mondo – his clothes are fun and whimsical. They look like they shouldn’t work, but they do. I also like Gretchen’s clothes – they are stylish and modern. Totally not me! I wouldn’t be surprised if she was in the finale.

got the dinnertime blues?
I recently discovered the Cooking with the Moms podcast, and I have been enjoying it very much. Janice and Liz are the moms, and their goal is to make dinnertime, and nutrition in general, an easier affair for families. They are inspiring, fun to listen to, quite knowledgeable (both are registered dietitians), and they have great voices! I haven’t had a chance to try any of their recipes yet, but hope to soon.


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but is it art?

A scene from AbFab: Eddie is just getting the first look at her new collection of very expensive, very modern art (in other words, a bunch of crap). The art is in her sitting room, which is also the place where her recently deceased father’s body has been brought for viewing in his coffin (unbeknownst to Eddie). Eddie and Patsy walk about the room admiring the art and come to Eddie’s father. They stop abruptly. Patsy: Is it art? Eddie: I think it’s my father. Patsy: But is it art?

so is it art or what.
Bravo has a new show called Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. I think it’s so cool they have an art-related reality show.

It’s certainly interesting. I have my favorites. I can’t say that I came to the show a huge fan of modern art. I think a lot of modern art is not that good – artists think they can do whatever they want, make whatever they want, give it some superficial meaning, and call it art. I suppose however there is good and bad art in every genre, and it’s easy to see that many of the artists on Work of Art are talented. I’m gaining a new appreciation and a desire to learn more about the history of art.

Art is very subjective in a way – what one person loves another will hate. I think as a basic foundation there at least needs to be a certain level of quality, and there needs to be some kind of skill involved. I think true art hits you – in your mind, your heart, your gut – or all three.

Some of the work on Work of Art has been wonderful. And some has been – not. One of my favorites pieces so far was Abdi’s computer guy – I thought there was something so touching about it, so human, so alive-seeming. Abdi is one of my favorite artists too – he is very talented. His paintings are so energetic and dynamic, and his sculpture work is thoughtful and powerful.

I did not get the performance art though. Perhaps it’s just not my thing. I like Miles – his work has a quietness about it that I like.

I was glad that Jackie (I think that’s her name) won this week, with the car challenge. I thought her piece was clever and drew you in – there were different levels to its interpretation which made it really interesting to look at.

I love Simon too!

no art here however.
I, on the other hand, have not done much artistically in the past few weeks. I feel like I am accomplishing nothing this year. It’s already July. I better get moving and get some stuff done!


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I got this darling little bird nest charm from Artbeads. I knew immediately that I wanted to make something sweet and lovely for spring – a fresh time, a time for renewal, time for the birds to come back. One of the first signs of spring is the sound of birds chirping. And they like to chirp very early in the morning, in the dark, as if a sign – it’s ok to get up, this is a beautiful day!

little birds

I also used some birdie connectors, glass beads, and freshwater pearls.

Of course I had to make a pair of earrings to go with. I decided to play with wire and do something a little different. I’m not sure how much they complement the necklace, but I think they turned out nicely.


Disclosure: I have received this product (bird nest charm) from Artbeads free of charge. I am posting an honest review of said product and have not been paid to endorse said product.

speaking of beads
I had let my Bead & Button subscription lapse for an issue or two. Then I panicked and renewed it. The other day the June 2010 issue arrived and I breathed a sigh of relief. I was so happy to see it – like an old friend. I can’t be without my B&B. I wish I still had the time or the inclination to do this sort of intensive beadwork, but when Lily was born it seems that my artwork decided to go in a new direction. And that’s cool.


I still love my beads of course, but have turned toward using them in more simplified jewelry rather than beadweaving with seed beads (oh, the good old days, when I had the luxury of spending 30 hours on a bracelet!). I’m still very fond of B&B, and I love to see what other people are doing with their seed beads. Perhaps in the future…you never know. My beads and my John James needles are at the ready! And I’ve got a dish of beadwork projects sitting on my table – repairs mostly, but I’d really like to get to them. Someday!

i can if i think i can
I’ve been watching the latest season of Ruby (I’m a bit behind!). I think she is amazing, and so inspiring. I love her honesty, and she’s funny, flirty, and determined to enjoy life no matter what. She looks wonderful, and I’m so happy that she’s lost so much weight so far. I know she’ll reach her goal.

~sweet dreams~

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don’t mess with the t.
Tabatha is back. I love Tabatha. She is one tough cookie. I admire her integrity and her high standards of salon excellence. And I like her clothes too!

off for an affaire
Tomorrow (of course at the last possible minute. Here I go paying a fortune for overnight shipping yet again! I don’t know why I can’t get it together to get this stuff mailed earlier.) I am sending off my pieces to Jewelry Affaire. Here is the last set I made, called Sea Dreams.

Sea Dreams Necklace

Sea Dreams Earrings

I think these two pieces turned out really well – very elegant, but not complicated to make.

I’m still not sure if this is what the editors are looking for, but the idea of the magazine is elegant jewelry that a beginner can make. All the pieces I am sending are, I think, simple for a beginner. The wrapped loops do take a bit of practice, but I made certain in the instructions to say that you could make simple loops instead. I hope the editors like at least something!

Artbeads discount
I have a coupon code to share for Artbeads – SCF10P-ARTBEADS-0424. This is good for 10% off and expires 12/31/09. Artbeads carries some unique jewlery-making supplies, as well as the more typical ones. Enjoy!

cookies for a cause
I found a great website dedicated to providing a bit of comfort to those serving in the military – bakinggals. These baking gals bake cookies and other treats and send them off to a designated military personnel. If you want to do some good with your baking skills check it out.


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i can if i think i can
I’ve been watching the second season of Ruby. Ruby is a woman who at the beginning of the first season weighed close to 500 pounds. The show chronicles her efforts to lose weight; at the end of the first season she had lost about 100 pounds.

I just love Ruby. She is beautiful, sweet, funny – there’s a certain charm and charisma that she possesses. And she is incredibly courageous and inspiring in sharing her life on national TV. I’ve learned so much by watching her, in terms of what life is like for someone that weighs so much. Like when she started swim aerobics and couldn’t find a bathing suit in her size, or the humiliation she suffered when a stewardess told her she’d have to take two seats on the airplane, or trying to find a chair without arms in a doctor’s waiting room.

I think she’s great. And I really love the theme song too!

genuine handcrafted wax seal
So I mentioned before the trouble I was having trying to make a wax seal for my aubergine project. I followed the directions exactly and pretty much every time I ended with wax stuck all over the seal.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that when the directions aren’t working for you, it’s time to do your own thing. The directions said to press the seal into the hot wax for one or two seconds and then lift it up. I decided to leave it in the wax for about a minute instead, to give the wax time to harden a bit. I put lots of baby oil on the seal so that it would release from the wax. et voila! A perfect wax seal.

I’m so happy I finally figured it out. Maybe it had to do with the temperature in our house, as we don’t have central air and it was pretty warm when I was making my attempts. But whatever, I’ve got it figured out so that’s all that matters.

girls art night out
Last Saturday I had some of my close female relatives over for a night of nibbling, chatting, and, most importantly, creating.

My mom does all sorts of arts and crafts, my sister does counted cross stitch, my sister-in-law knits, and my mother-in-law dabbles in various crafts. I thought it would be fun to get together and work on some projects.

I had intended to take photos to post, and I even purposely set out my camera so that I wouldn’t forget. But since I have apparently inherited my mom’s “memory”, I of course completely forgot to take any photos.

But we’ll be getting together again, so there’s always hope for next time.

In the meantime, here is the necklace I worked on. I had it started, and I was able to almost complete it that night. I finished it last night.

junque necklace

A lot of the components were part of a charm bracelet that I had purchased as a kit. I got tired of the bracelet and decided to use the pieces to make a necklace. I call this my “junque necklace”.

it’s the little things that count
Wegman’s broccoli cheddar cheese soup. Tazo’s Awake tea. Lay’s potato chips. Chips Ahoy (the little ones in the “snack” bag.) Delish!

~experiencing a night of freedom~

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