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happy birthday!

So another year has gone by; and here I am another year older. When I turned 40 last year, I had high hopes. They didn’t quite pan out. But 41 could be the best year ever!

Yesterday I watched the “Birthday” episode of AbFab. I think I will watch that every year for my birthday. I totally love when Edina’s mom says “and when will you be 50 dear?” She knows just how to get to the heart of the matter. And really, is 40 such a big deal? Or 41. 50, on the other hand….

I made the above little birthday collage; everything is from the Fairy Tea Party collection by Ellie Lash, from scrapbookgraphics.com.

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photoshop friday.

I had some time this past Friday to work in Photoshop some more. Thought I would share some of my exercises…enjoy!

Here is the original photo.
my angel

Here I played with the transformation option…this was fun!
lily transformed

I used the ‘reduce noise’ filter on this photo. The changes are subtle compared to the original.
lily, noise reduced

This one was also fun to do – I used the lens distortion correction, but since my photo wasn’t distorted to begin with, I used the correction to make it distorted.
lily, lens corrected

I used the sponge tool which subtly changes the color saturation of an area of the photo. I made the grass background and her hair more saturated.
lily sponge

Enjoy your day!


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This past Friday I started the section on retouching and transforming photos. I learned how to change the canvas size, which is pretty cool. Even cooler was learning how to use the Actions palette to automatically make a frame around my photo. I have heard of actions before, but I didn’t know there were any included in the Photoshop software. Neat! Of course I had to try out a bunch….

This is the brushed aluminum frame.
alulminum photo frame

Photo corners.
photo corners

Spatter frame.
spatter frame

Wavy stamp.
wavy stamp

Wild frame.
wild frame

Wood frame.
wood frame

ok, I got a little crazy with the frames!

I also played a bit with the Clone tool.

Just a simple stamp with the clone tool…
two lilies!

Here I tried to be a bit more artful. I used the clone tool, cropped the photo, adjusted the color balance, and used the spatter frame action.

lily stamp

Thanks for stopping by!


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This past Friday I played around with color some more, applying different effects from the Image/Adjustments menu. I used the same photo as last time. Again, here is the original.

my angel

Here is the photo using the Desaturate option. This option changes a color image to grayscale.

desaturated lily

And the Posterize option, which allows you to choose the number of tonal levels. Quite frankly I have no clue what a tonal level is. But basically this option reduces the number of colors, and then maps each pixel to the closest color. I particularly like the posterize option – it makes the photo look like it’s from a comic book, which I find to be fun.

posterized lily

With a Gradient fill. A gradient fill is kind of like a spectrum of colors, or it could be black to gray and then white.

gradient lily

And using the Threshold option. This converts a photo to a more simplified, high-contrast black and white photo. I also like this one a lot.

threshold lily

And with that I am finished working through the section on color. yay! Next up is retouching and transforming. Sounds like a good time!

Thanks for stopping by!


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I mentioned a little while back that I have been attempting to learn Photoshop, and Friday is my dedicated night for doing just that. Right now I’ve been reading about making quick and simple image adjustments. As I read I often open a photo to play with to help me understand and remember what I’ve read. I thought I would share some of my playtime photos.

Here is the original photo.

my angel

Here are two versions of the photo – I was playing with the Color Balance option, under Image/Adjustments.

my angel

my angel

Here again I was playing with the Color Balance, and I adjusted the Highlights as well.

my angel

I have so much fun playing with the photos – it’s so neat trying out all the different adjustments and seeing what happens. I don’t fully understand the underlying science of what exactly the adjustments are changing – the light values versus the dark values, and all that technical stuff. I just love to play around and experiment!

Anybody else out there trying to learn Photoshop, whether on your own or through a class perhaps?

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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something new, something blue.

I finished my new banner. How do you like it? I am generally pleased with it – I really like the photos I chose for the background. I’m not entirely pleased with the text – I wanted to make it stand out a little more, but I didn’t want to cover up the photos too much. It will do for now.

I never realized how much I use blue in my artwork until I was gathering photos for my new banner. It’s interesting because I don’t go much for blue during the rest of my life. Not that I don’t like blue – I think it’s a beautiful color. But if you looked around my house, you would find the color blue to be lacking. Guess I make up for it in my artwork!

Thanks for stopping by!


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let’s change directions.
I decided a little while ago to change directions in my digital art attempts. I thought, hey, maybe I should actually take the time to learn Photoshop before I start diving into tutorials. Perhaps then I might have some inkling of what I am doing!

So to that end I’ve been reading through the Help section and learning quite a bit. I haven’t gotten into the fun stuff yet (like the filters and tools) but I’m getting there.

I bought some kits from Scrapbookgraphics a little while ago too – how could I resist? I have to be ready when the day comes that I can finally play and create digital art.

And I just love Scrapbookgraphics. They have the coolest stuff!

I bought Fairy Tea Party, by Ellie Lash (this one is for playing with Lily – I’ll start teaching her Photoshop now, so she’ll be an expert by the time she’s eight!). Fragments and Inner Artiste, by Lorilei Murphy (Rosey Posey Studio), and Industrial Velvet by Tangie Baxter.

Perhaps someday I will be able to create my own digital kits.

beadfest here I come!
One of my goals, starting this year, is to take one class every year. And I’m excited to say that I have registered for a class at the upcoming Beadfest Bead and Jewelry Show in August. I will be attending Kim St. Jean’s class, Bezel Bootcamp. I get to learn how to solder with a torch and create my own bezel!

There are so many intriguing classes being offered; there were several I was interested in, and one in particular, creating a cuff from etched pieces of metal. It was so gorgeous! But I thought Bezel Bootcamp was a more appropiate fit with my other jewelry goals for the year (that being to learn how to solder, albeit with an iron). I’m eagerly looking forward to the class, and I hope I learn a lot.

In my last post I mentioned how I’ve recently had this strange urge/desire to draw, although I’ve never thought of myself as being talented in that area.

Well…I got the new (May/June) issue of Somerset Studio

somerset studio

…and inside was this article by Colette Copeland….

and you can too!

….in which she writes about how she never thought she could draw until, as she writes, “then one day, just like that, I woke up from this self-imposed and mystifying “I can’t draw” belief. I grabbed a pencil and started to draw. I became so hooked that I would have drawn on the walls if I didn’t have the self-control to curb the urge. The more I did it, the better I became at it. So, for those who think they can’t draw but who want to, I encourage you to try it! It’s the only way you’ll know if you can or can’t, and if you want to or don’t want to.”

I am taking this article as a sign that I may not be way off with this drawing thing. Maybe I can do it, maybe I can’t. As Ms. Copeland said, the only way to find out is to try.

And I just adore her artwork in this article – her birds are so charming!


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