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Last year I started to make some Christmas ornaments, but I ended up trashing them because they started becoming sloppy looking and I was not happy with them. I had started making some fringe for the ornaments with sterling silver chain and silver Czech fire-polished beads. Instead of fringe for my ornaments, I decided they could be fringe for a necklace. So now I’m making a very simple but elegant necklace with sterling silver chain and the silver Czech beads.

It’s almost done, which according to my kind of timeframe means I should be finished in another three months. I just need to connect the pieces with jump rings and make the clasp.

sterling silver necklace

sterling silver necklace

I made the jump rings myself and I even used my jewelers saw to cut them apart. I was so excited to use the saw. And happy I could remember how to put the blade in!

Once the necklace is completed I will antique it with liver of sulfur. I don’t like shiny silver. I like dark old-looking silver.

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