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I mentioned quite a while ago that I had started working on a memo board like those by Amber Demien in the April/May/June 2010 issue of Somerset Life. Well I’ve had it finished for some time now but I just never got around to sharing it. So here it is….

homemade memo board

And a closer view….

homemade memo board

I started with a canvas (12″ by 16″ I think) and painted it a light blue color (after first painting it in variously-colored stripes, which turned out awful!). I wanted a blue, brown, and cream color palette, so I chose the ribbons accordingly. I used a staple gun to staple the ribbons to the underside of the canvas (first time using a staple gun!). Et voila!

I bought mini clothespins at AC Moore to attach notes to the ribbons. Now I just need to make some pretty little papers that I can write all my important notes on!

Have a great day!


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The first few weeks of January are so busy for me at work….I finally now have time to post again. I feel like it’s been forever! For some reason when I don’t post for a while, I always find it difficult to get motivated again…

But here I am!

I mentioned in a previous post an article in Somerset Studio by Kate Crane, featuring her beautiful calendar journals, and how inspired I felt to make my own.

That was in December, when I was too busy with holiday preparation to start anything. I started working on it on New Year’s Eve; it was very slow going and I was afraid it would be February before my January page was done!

But I finally finished it…and here it is.

bonne annee

I’m very happy with how it turned out. I wanted the colors and feel to be wintry, but not just white. I wanted a little color. The photos don’t quite do it justice.

The background is several layers of paint and rubber stamping. The squares are 1.5 by 1.5 inches, and are scrapbook paper, dry-brushed with gesso and edged with gold or silver ink. I used German scrap along the edges and corners; it was originally gold but I painted, stamped, and inked over it.

As I was working on my journal, I made notes as to what I wanted to write in it for each day. After a couple days I started to worry a bit about how much I really had to write about. Let’s see, I woke up, exercised, went to work, came home, made dinner, did some laundry…exciting stuff!

Then one night as I left work I caught a glimpse of the full moon – it was huge and orange and looked so cool. And it occurred to me that I could write that in my calendar journal. The journaling doesn’t necessarily have to record what I did that day; it could be a thought, an observation or impression, song lyrics, or whatever I feel like writing.

I was relieved, because otherwise I might have a lot of blank squares in my journal!

And I’ve started the February page. Hopefully it will be done before February starts!

Thanks for stopping by!


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So how does 2011 stack up? Not as wonderful as I was expecting, but I keep high hopes, and I am willing to give 2012 everything I’ve got.

Here were my favorite occasions:

1. Celebrating my 40th birthday with my family at one of my favorite restaurants, Fountainside.
2. My niece Gwen’s 5th birthday party.
3. Our anniversary dinner at Augusto’s – delicious!
4. My son Julian’s 20th birthday dinner at another favorite restaurant, Maggio’s.
5. Camping at Black Moshannon with my dad’s and stepmother’s families.
6. My daughter Lily’s 5th birthday party at Bounce U.
7. Lily’s graduation from pre-school.
8. My cousin Carla’s wedding (to husband Curt).
9. Going to Dutch Wonderland with our brother-in-law Ed and niece Gwen.
10. Staying at my dad and stepmom’s cabin in Dushore, and checking out the Dushore Days festivities.
11. Attending the Bezel Boot Camp class, taught by Kim St Jean, at Bead Fest.
12. Our mini vacation in Ocean City MD.
13. Lily starting kindergarten.
14. Thanksgiving – one of my favorite holidays.
15. Seeing Tori at the Academy of Music.
16. Winning the Cornerstone award at work.
17. My brother-in-law Darren’s cd release party, and the dinner that I treated Marc to at Chifa beforehand, to celebrate his birthday.
18. Christmas – my favorite holiday.
19. Celebrating my nephew Owen’s first birthday.

And so here we are. It would seem that 2011 was pretty good then. And 2012? I am still working on putting together my goals, but I expect great things to happen, for all of my family and myself. I can’t wait to see what the days hold!

Wishing you a very happy New Year!


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