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I have been diligently (but slowly!) working on some Polyshrink pieces to send off. I have two bracelets almost completed – I just need the clasps, which I have to order because I am out of the one I want to use. (Why is it that every time I make a piece of jewelry I always discover that I am out of something I need?)

I started working on a necklace too.

Here is one bracelet….


…and here is the other.


This is the pendant for the necklace. It’s challenging to use the Polyshrink pieces as pendants – they are so small and light! So I thought adding some dangly things would help – it adds more interest, some more length, and a little more weight.


more slow but diligent attempts
I made a new digital vintage paper lace piece. For this you make the basic shape first, then use a scan of paper as an overlay. Some blending, brushwork, and layer styles finish it. I decided to get fancy and used some sheet music as an additional overlay.


I also made a piece of “toile” fabric. I don’t think it really looks like toile, but it was fun to do. And simple too! I added the dots for fun, and because I just really like dots.


I started with the picture and place it on a transparent background. Then all the white was deleted. A red overlay is placed on it and then I copied that layer, and added the background color and the dots.

Lest you think I am doing these things on my own – I have a bunch of tutorials on digital art. Otherwise I’d be lost! Since I have no clue what I’m doing with the digital art, I thought going through some tutorials would be helpful. That way I can learn more of the basics. The key is to consistently set time aside every week; if I don’t, then I forget what I’ve learned and the next time I work on a tutorial it’s like starting all over again.

It’s fun though. I don’t particularly have any ideas of my own yet. I’m not sure where I’m going with the digital art. Hopefully somewhere!


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mommy mommy look at this!
I have been plugging away at Photoshop. Learning, at an excruciatingly slow pace. The simplest things take an exorbitant amount of time. Frustration sets in; I have to refer to Help every step of the way. But finally, finally, something comes of it!

I made a button!

button lady

And vintage paper lace!

paper lace

ok, the paper lace didn’t turn out so well. I’m sure I followed the directions exactly – maybe it was the color? The point is, I learned how to do a clipping mask. Which, now that I know what it is and how to do it, opens a door into incredible possibilities. I also learned about guides and the grid, and how to set new guides, and how to use (and not use) the Snap feature.

And, I was so happy – the tutorial for the vintage paper lace called for a digital scan of vintage paper to use as an overlay – which I amazingly enough had in my collection of clip art. yay!


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Light in the dark.

happy hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah!

Marc has been sick in bed with tonsilitis the past couple days, so Lily and I have lighted the menorah. I hope I did it correctly! I said the blessing too. I had wanted to make a Hanukkah dinner, but it’s hard when the holiday starts on a weekday; I thought about doing it this weekend but Lily is going to be at my in-laws, and I’m not going to all that trouble for just Marc and I. Plus, since he’s been sick, I don’t know how much he would be in the mood for a holiday dinner. oh well. I’ll plan better next year.

I found this really great site on Judaism – Chabad.org. It seems to be geared towards Orthodox Judaism, at least it seems that way to me – it’s pretty intense. But very interesting and helpful. I’m not Jewish myself – that would be Marc’s family – but I’m interested in learning more. Marc’s family celebrates the holidays, but I wouldn’t say they are particularly religious.

I’ve been reading my Bible starting from Genesis, and I’m up to Joshua now. I’ve been curious about the stories about the Jews, and Moses, and have been wondering a lot lately about Judaism, and the Torah, and the beliefs.

So to find a website like Chabad is great, and I can’t wait to get into it some more.

I haven’t been able to get Lily to play dreidel yet, and I skipped the gelt because, um, I just didn’t get around to getting any! But I did give her (and Julian) a Hanukkah gift. I found this cute cupcake baking set at Barnes & Noble – sized just for little girls, so I got that for Lily, which she loved – I knew she would want to make something immediately, but it was too late in the evening to start that kind of thing. Also gave her two activity books. And for Julian the new Bobby Flay Throwdown cookbook.

Wishing everyone a lovely holiday!


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