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new treasures
I have delightful treats from Artbeads to share. The theme this time was autumn-inspired beads and/or components. I decided to stick with a current favorite – antiqued-brass components. I selected some pretty chain and a beautiful leaf pendant. And for the perfect and necessary touch of sparkle, my perennial favorite, Czech fire-polished beads. I think if I could only ever have one kind of bead for the rest of my life, it would be the Czech fire-polished. These glass beads possess a unique warmth and that perfect sparkle. And they have an antique-ness about them, like they were found in the bottom of a drawer in a dresser that belonged to one’s great-grandmother.

Anyway, here are my new treasures.

leaves are falling

The leaf pendant is gorgeous, and very detailed. Minus the loops it’s about 1 and 1/8 inches long, and just over an inch wide. I think this would look great with a bit of chain hanging from the bottom loop, embellished with beads.

From the left the beads are 4mm purple metallic iris (one of my favorite colors), 4mm bronze, and 3mm dark bronze. I just adore metallic colored beads!

(The words are from a Joni Mitchell song, Got the Urge for Going, if I am remembering correctly!)


And here we have a variety of gorgeous chain. The top chain is really cool – it’s called a box rollo chain. It’s small enough to still be delicate, yet is sturdy and has a nice weight to it. I also particularly like the bottom chain – it’s the 5+1 round and twisted rectangle link chain (that’s quite a name!). I think it’s so pretty, and it can stand on it’s own or you could embellish it.

And of course the other two chains are quite lovely as well.

The beads are 6mm crystal marea, and this picture really doesn’t do them justice. They are clear with a silvery coating on one side that contains flashes of color. They are quite eye-catching!

I do have ideas for these items, and I am hopeful that over the next couple weeks I will actually have some time to bring those ideas into reality!

Disclosure: I have received these products (chain and beads) from Artbeads free of charge. I am posting an honest review of said products and have not been paid to endorse said products.

way to go, mr. microphone
The past few weeks I have been listening to Under the Pink, by Tori Amos. This is one of my favorite Tori albums – I think the music is some of her most beautiful – the piano is exquisite and delicate, and the strings are so gorgeous.

under the pink

I decided to rearrange it though – I took off a few songs and added a few b-sides. So my lineup is:

Pretty Good Year
Cornflake Girl
Bells for Her
Past the Mission
Baker Baker
Sister Janet
Wrong Band
Daisy Dead Petals
Cloud on my Tongue
Space Dog
Yes, Anastasia

I’m enjoying it very much. I hadn’t listened to it in ages, as I usually listen to live stuff or her more recent albums. I love her voice too on this album – kind of wavery and on the edge. Also all the little noises – pedals or cabinets or something. They give the album an organic feel. I never took much notice of them before, but I really like them. And I even heard something I never heard before – if you listen to Yes, Anastasia carefully, with the volume rather up, at the very end you can hear her kind of sigh, and there’s a sound, like a pedal, and then that’s the end of the album. Very cool.

I’m not obsessed. I swear! I just notice things.


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off on their way.
I managed to finish my “simple pleasures” tags and get them in the mail – and as usual paid a small fortune in shipping to ensure their timely arrival. I didn’t get the other project done, although I am still going to do it and send it to Somerset Life – I think it would fit in well there.

Anyway, here are the tags. I feel like they need a little more oomph, although I’m not sure exactly what. And I think the words should be bigger. Other than that I think they turned out well.

her treasures

(Sorry this one is the wrong way – if I turned it then I’d have to make the picture much smaller in order to fit on my blog!)
she and her sewing machine

she knew every petal

and onto the next project
I recently bought the newest issue of Somerset Studio and was thrilled to find that one of the upcoming themes is literary classics! Now that’s a theme that was made for me. I immediately knew what I wanted to make – a collage based on my favorite book, The House of Mirth, by Edith Wharton. I adore the main character, Lily Bart (and yes, she is one of the reasons I wanted the name Lily for my daughter, although I certainly don’t wish for the same fate!). I’ve had this idea for a necklace based on Miss Bart for several years now, but I can apply the idea to a collage just as well.

Edith Wharton is one of my favorite authors – I’ve read several of her books. Her writing is subtle yet precise, and she has a marvelous way of revealing human nature and the demands of the New York high society of the early 1900s. Good stuff!


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a holiday for all occasions
Look what I got…the new issue of Somerset Holidays & Celebrations. Looking through this magazine makes me want to decorate for holidays more often.

holidays & celebrations

And here is my Mom’s crown. Looks great, doesn’t it? The photograph is beautiful.

birthday crown

And lucky for me they didn’t mention it was for her 60th birthday!

glamour girl
I finished reading Marilyn Monroe: Private and Undisclosed, by Michelle Morgan. I thought it was a bit lacking in detail and too speculative at times. However the personal remembrances of Marilyn were great, particularly those of Bill Pursel, who knew Marilyn when she was still Norma Jean. There are a lot of great pictures too.

When it comes to Marilyn, it seems impossible to get the whole story. One books says this, another says that, this person says one thing, another says something different.

I’d like to read another Marilyn biography. I’m still deciding which book though. There are so many! (I wonder what she would think of all this obsession and fascination with her?) In the meantime I’m reading The Collected Poems by Sylvia Plath, edited by Ted Hughes. I don’t like her early poems so much; they are rather formulaic and stilted and archaic-sounding (I can’t imagine where she got some of her words!). But starting in the late 1950s I like them much better – they sound more natural, and you can hear her voice coming through. And of course the Ariel poems are totally amazing.

simple pleasures
So I’m still working on my tags to submit to Somerset Studio. I wanted to have them finished last weekend. So much for that. I really really need to finish them this weekend, since they need to be in California by next Friday. I’m not sure if I will have time to make the other project. I’ve felt rather unmotivated lately to work on the tags. I want to, but I have this fear that I’m going to mess them up. Plus I feel tired, and frustrated at my lack of time. And the fact that I have to work this weekend does not help. Complain, complain, complain. Anyway, here is one tag. I like how it’s coming along. There are freshwater pearls sewn along one edge, and emboidery floss wrapped around the other edges.

she loved her sewing maching


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