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but is it art?

A scene from AbFab: Eddie is just getting the first look at her new collection of very expensive, very modern art (in other words, a bunch of crap). The art is in her sitting room, which is also the place where her recently deceased father’s body has been brought for viewing in his coffin (unbeknownst to Eddie). Eddie and Patsy walk about the room admiring the art and come to Eddie’s father. They stop abruptly. Patsy: Is it art? Eddie: I think it’s my father. Patsy: But is it art?

so is it art or what.
Bravo has a new show called Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. I think it’s so cool they have an art-related reality show.

It’s certainly interesting. I have my favorites. I can’t say that I came to the show a huge fan of modern art. I think a lot of modern art is not that good – artists think they can do whatever they want, make whatever they want, give it some superficial meaning, and call it art. I suppose however there is good and bad art in every genre, and it’s easy to see that many of the artists on Work of Art are talented. I’m gaining a new appreciation and a desire to learn more about the history of art.

Art is very subjective in a way – what one person loves another will hate. I think as a basic foundation there at least needs to be a certain level of quality, and there needs to be some kind of skill involved. I think true art hits you – in your mind, your heart, your gut – or all three.

Some of the work on Work of Art has been wonderful. And some has been – not. One of my favorites pieces so far was Abdi’s computer guy – I thought there was something so touching about it, so human, so alive-seeming. Abdi is one of my favorite artists too – he is very talented. His paintings are so energetic and dynamic, and his sculpture work is thoughtful and powerful.

I did not get the performance art though. Perhaps it’s just not my thing. I like Miles – his work has a quietness about it that I like.

I was glad that Jackie (I think that’s her name) won this week, with the car challenge. I thought her piece was clever and drew you in – there were different levels to its interpretation which made it really interesting to look at.

I love Simon too!

no art here however.
I, on the other hand, have not done much artistically in the past few weeks. I feel like I am accomplishing nothing this year. It’s already July. I better get moving and get some stuff done!


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