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in the water
A couple weeks ago we went to the Camden aquarium with some friends of ours and their very adorable son, who is a few months younger than Lily. It was a fun afternoon, and we went to IHOP afterward (just about the only restaurant we can take Lily to at this point in time). Here are some photos:

Lily at the starfish tank (I think!)

Checking out the jellyfish.
lily & jellyfish

Our attempt at a family picture. Someone did not want to cooperate.

Lily and Daddy hangin’ at the hippo tank.

Lily & Daddy.
lily & daddy

A shot of Philadelphia from across the river. It looked so pretty!

Of course we stopped at the gift shop on our way out, where Lily discovered (against all of my efforts to keep her from seeing them) a pink magic wand that lights up and makes noise. My favorite kind of toy! And of course we bought it.

~walking tall~

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new ideas
I actually got an idea for another digitally-altered book the other day. This is the first digital art idea that has come naturally, as opposed to my being forced to come up with an idea for an Artella contest. I’m taking this as a sign that this digital art stuff is taking root.

Anyway, the idea is to use (again) my beloved vintage photos of women and pair them with lines from Tori songs – similar to my Sweetie Darling book I did recently. Tori has so many great lines I could easily do 10 books, but we’ll keep it to one for now.

And since I attended the second part of Artella’s Polished and Professional Pixel Papers class, I will attempt to create my own background “papers” (but I’ll still use a book for the foundation).

The class was a few weeks ago – it was so interesting and instructive. It’s so incredibly helpful to be able to watch someone do stuff in Photoshop. Now I know about drop shadows and using layer styles, and just those two things can add so much to one’s digital art.

So that’s my idea. Now to find the time to do it…..

the beautiful life
Lookie what I have….the new issue of Somerset Life.

somerset life

It’s beautiful, as always, and, as always, I want to jump into the pages and live there. I’m sure I’d be quite happy! I’m reminded of an episode of AbFab, where Eddie mentions that she is opening a shop. Patsy asks what she’s going to sell, and Eddie replies, “oh, just gorgeous little things!” (hopefully my memory is serving me well here.) That’s what Somerset Life is – a collection of just gorgeous little things, to inspire “authentic and creative living”. Who doesn’t want that? Sounds like the perfect life to me.


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it’a been a while!
I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted. I don’t know what to say other than that I’ve been….busy. I strongly dislike that word – busy. When people say they’ve been busy I bet they can’t really even say exactly what it is they’ve been doing. I’m not really sure what I’ve even been doing – taking care of Lily, housework, my job, stuff – but I certainly haven’t been creating anything or posting on my blog.

But all that is going to change, mainly because I’m about ready to go crazy! It’s been at least three weeks since I’ve worked on any projects – and that is simply unacceptable. No wonder I’ve been feeling so frustrated lately. I was put on this earth to make stuff and post on my blog – two of my most favorite things! So let’s get back to business, shall we?

a little help from my friends
I’m very excited about a new book I bought last week: The Artistic Mother – A Practical Guide for Fitting Creativity into Your Life, by Shona Cole. I first heard of this book a few months ago in the Postscript newsletter from Stampington. As soon as I read the title I knew this was a book I needed to get.

artistic mother

I had stopped in Barnes & Noble last week to see if they had Jewelry Affaire (which they did, and more on that in a minute). I’ve been trying to find some crafts that Lily and I can do together so I decided to check out the craft books. As I was perusing the shelves my eye suddenly came upon The Artistic Mother sitting on the shelf right in front of me.

Considering how utterly frustrated I’ve been lately with trying to find time to create, I felt this was a sign that I should get the book.

So now it’s mine and I can’t wait to get into it. Miss Cole covers some foundational topics (motivation, inspiration, creating your own space, planning) as well as some basics in digital photography, mixed media & collage, and poetry! (a forgotten art these days but one that I’ve always enjoyed)

I like how she uses an “art action plan” for each project, which breaks the project into small bits that you can fit into your day. I’m the kind of girl that loves a good action plan!

I decided to dedicate a half hour a day, at least, for creating. If I don’t create, I get downright ornery! Creating keeps me sane and at least a little more balanced. An unbalanced mother is not a good thing.

a jewelry affair

jewelry affaire

So I see the jewelry I submitted for the first issue of Jewelry Affaire was not selected for publication. Looking through the magazine though I can see that I was off in the jewelry that I made. I think my jewelry was lacking in imagination and creativity. The pieces I made were very pretty (and I’m looking forward to getting them back!), and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I need to ramp it up a bit. At least now I know better what they are looking for. The next submission deadline is May 15, I think, and while I’d love to send something, I’m not getting any concrete ideas and time is so short. Might have to wait until the next deadline!


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