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just call me dawne griswold
Tomorrow we are off for a little vacation – to fabulous Las Vegas! At first I was very excited and happy to leave Lily – I love her but I need a break. She is an extremely demanding little person. But now that departure is only hours away, I am ready to cry every time I think about leaving her. I think once I know that my Mom has picked her up from daycare tomorrow I’ll feel better. And once my eyes are dazzled by the glitter of the Strip and the lure of the almighty dollar, I won’t even remember that I have children…

toodles for now!

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Heart: the essential or most vital part of something. (from Merriam-Webster.com)

pretty little hearts
In honor of the day, how about some
Valentine’s Day beads and components

These pretty sterling silver heart charms (and one key!) are from Artbeads.


I want to make a charm bracelet with them but haven’t had time yet. These charms are so pretty with a lot of detail, and are brighter and shinier than they look in my picture (but not too bright and shiny – they are just right!).

And this also:

heart chain

This lovely and delicate heart-chain bracelet is only waiting the addition of some sparkly beads or charms. The heart links are small, so I would add only smaller-sized components. It would be perfect for a child, which is what I plan to do with it (once my daughter is a little older and can be responsible with it!).

Of course hearts are not for Valentine’s Day only – the sentiment and meaning they possess are perfect for every day. Funny how I used to dislike hearts – I thought they were mushy and only for overly sentimental people. But over the years I’ve grown fond of them, and have come to see them as representing one’s innermost feelings, as well as being a symbol of love and joy.

Disclosure: I have received these products (sterling silver charms and chain) from Artbeads free of charge. I am posting an honest review of said products and have not been paid to endorse said products.


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a reprieve.

The heavens have taken pity on me and extended the Artella digitally-altered book contest deadline to March 1st. yay! I still have four pages left to complete. We’re going to Vegas next week for a few days, and I still have my Somerset Holiday projects to get ready (which need to be mailed right after we get back), so I can really use this extra time on the book.

I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done so far. I love my ladies, as I call them. I just need to think of a good title.

Here are the other pages I’ve completed, in no particular order:





the end


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a lifetime supply of crepe paper

I ordered some items from Blumchen. I just couldn’t resist! Plus I needed some stuff for my current & upcoming projects.

And I needed Lametta tinsel trim! ok?

I got some crepe paper. I’ve never used crepe paper in my work, but I thought it would be fun to try. When I looked at the packages (I got about five colors), I realized that each package contains a 7&1/2 foot length of crepe paper! um, that will last me the rest of my life I think. Maybe I’ll give some to Lily.

carbon made

I mentioned before (back in December) that I bought this book as a Christmas gift for myself:


Then for Hanukah my mother-in-law bought me this one:


So I decided this will be my year of Marilyn.

I’ve been a fan of hers since I was about 16, and I have several pictures of her hanging in my studio. I don’t remember at all how I became interested in her. She just had that inexplicable “something” about her – a combination of beauty, vulnerability, innocence, triumph, and trajedy – that simply draws people to her. I’ve read many books about her but none in a very long time, probably about 18 years.

I started reading The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe and it is utterly fascinating and compelling. I’m up to the point where Norma Jean is seven and her mother has just been (finally) diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and committed to an institution. What a sad and tragic life Norma Jean had, even by the age of seven.

This book is extremely detailed, so much so that I wonder how the author managed to get all this information! I can’t remember any other Marilyn book I’ve read with this level of detail, or one that examined so well the people in Marilyn’s early life.

It’s unfortunate that my reading time is right before my sleep time – I find it very difficult to put this book down!

40 is on the horizon
I have now entered the last year of my thirties, as my 39th birthday was on Saturday. I have reached the point in my life where I’ve started measuring it in decades. I have enough now that I can do that. I find myself looking forward to my forties but a bit apprehensive at the same time about growing older. I don’t think of myself as old, and I certainly don’t think 40 is old. But after 40 comes 50….and that’s really weird to think of myself as 50. I wonder what I’ll be like?

Anyway, I really do think my forties will be my best and happiest decade yet.

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cookies for a cause
I finally joined up for my first round at bakinggals. I joined the site in December (or maybe November) but because it was close to the holidays I put off making anything. But it’s time now to put my mixing bowl where my mouth is. The team that I joined is sending baked goods to a young man stationed in Iraq. I’m going to make chocolate chip cookies (his favorite). I’m nervous about mailing them – I hope I can package the cookies properly so that they arrive in a good and edible condition. I just really hope that he and whomever he shares them with enjoy them.

the best laid plans
I finished my collage – the one that I wanted to put on the cover of my calendar book. That is, until I tried to attach it to the cover. Glue didn’t work. Double-sided tape didn’t work. So I decided to scratch that idea and to solve the issue of the ugly cover, I simply cut it off. And as for the collage, I decided to keep working on it some more. I attached it to another piece of paper to serve as a background and added stitching in several places. I think it’s looking even better now.

this fire

I love the photo. She is perfect for this collage and the feeling I wanted to convey. The words are from the Paula Cole song Tiger, and read: “Where do I put this fire? This bright red feeling? This tigerlily down my mouth – it wants to grow to twenty feet tall.”

I’m going to sew some pearls on the left side, and then all that will be left to do is add holes at the top and some ribbon or chain to hang it.

I was thinking of taking this piece to work to hang at my desk. I’ve been wanting to have some of my art at work – just to have something nice to look at. (Why everything in our building must be shades of black, brown, gray, and beige, I don’t know. yuck!) But then I’m afraid that people will actually look at it and ask about it. I don’t like talking about my art much – too personal. And then I’m afraid that it’s not professional to have something like that hanging at my desk.

So for those reasons I think I simply must take it to work and hang it up for all to see!

I finished reading the Autumn 2009 issue of Somerset Digital Studio. I enjoyed it very much and definitely will get future issues. I’ve got a whole bunch of new resources to check out now. One thing that surprised me about a lot of the art was that it wasn’t as complicated as I had thought. Some of the pieces of course were very complex, but a lot of them too were very similar to what I do now, in that I take a bunch of elements and stick them together, adjusting size and color, etc, as necessary. So there is hope for a novice like me. Very cool magazine.

Also in my digital world, I have started working on my digitally-altered book for the Artella contest. I have my photos picked out, along with appropriate phrases for each, and I completed one page so far.

manifesting perfection

I think it turned out well. Now I just have 8 pages left. And I really need to get them done by the end of this weekend. This will be interesting!


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