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my lovely ladies
Artella is having another digitally-altered book contest, so I decided to join the fun and create my second book. I finally settled on an idea. It’s not ideally my first choice. My first thoughts centered around creating The Ladies Revolutionary Society handbook for Victorian women, but time and a lack of digital ephemera and digital skills has put that idea on the shelf (for now!). Instead I’ve decided to keep it simple, which is probably the smart thing to do.

I’ve made it a habit for the past couple years to jot down interesting phrases. I’m going to use vintage photographs of my lovely Victorian ladies, add some digital ephemera, and choose an appropriate phrase for each lady. That’s it. And really, that’s about all my skill level can handle right now. I’m using the How to Write Letters for All Occasions book, which I also used for my first book. You can check out my first digitally-altered book here if you like.

and while we’re at it
I’m also working on a couple things to send to Somerset Holidays. Well, I haven’t actually started working on them physically, just in my head so far. I have one concrete idea and one or two ideas that are not quite there yet. The ready-to-go idea is a collage celebrating Mother’s Day. I got the inspiration from some Dresden corners that I have, and in the strange and mysterious way that inspiration works, as soon as I saw them this photograph flashed into my mind:

catherine and baby

This is an old family photo of Carrie and Birdie Seare, on my maternal grandmother’s side of the family. I love this photograph – it’s so lovely. Anyway, once the corners and photo came to me, the rest of the idea fell into place. I just need to decide on some words.

I have an idea for Halloween ornaments too, but that idea is a bit nebulous still. I was also thinking of asking my Mom if I could borrow the birthday crown that I made for her 60th birthday. It’s for a good cause, right?

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tinsel and ribbons and trims – oh my!
So I found the coolest website – blumchen.com. I was searching online for unfinished paper mache shapes and crepe paper for some projects – I’m working on some stuff to send to Somerset Holidays (by March 1 – yikes!). I happened upon this enchanting site and am now completely head over heels in love.

Vintage. Victorian. Bliss.

If such incidentals as Lametta tinsel trims, old style paper lace doilies, Dresden trims, and Plattlitze metallic ribbon make you swoon, then grab some smelling salts and check it out.

a little something for the wrist
Here’s a little bracelet I made with some of the CZ beads I got from Artbeads. I decided to do something different and used antiqued-brass wire and made bead links with wrapped loops. I think it turned out nicely.

a dangle for the wrist

I didn’t have quite enough CZ beads to make it around my wrist, so I threw in an antiqued-brass bead. I really like this wire with the beads – it’s a good combination.

my feeble attempt at controlling my time
I bought a new calendar book (back in December) and I just love this one. Since Lily was born I find my calendar books to be indispensable in maintaining my sanity and any sense of organization in my life. My new one has a layout that features the entire month, which is great, and then pages that break the months into weeks, with plenty of room to make notes (very important to me!) The cover is kind of a spring green, which is a pretty color but not in that much quantity. So I’ve been creating a collage to cover it with. I haven’t finished it yet, but that is one of my goals for this week. And that is written in my calendar book.

So there!

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and the french fairies make a grand debut

Let’s start the new year right, shall we?

I bought the new Somerset Studio yesterday. The ‘aubergine’ issue.

Please turn to page 114.

My little French fairies! They look wonderful, don’t they? Very nice (big!) photograph.

I also like the artwork underneath, by Eileen Terhaar Clark. La Danse des Papillons. Lovely!

I will take this as a harbinger of what is to come. I’m really excited for this year. I expect good things to come my way, certain things/situations in my life to improve, lots of personal growth, and I think this will be the best year of my life.

And yes, learning to solder is (again) one of my goals.

i wish i had a belle armoire
I also bought the Dec/Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry.

I skimmed through it and it looks great. I saw a couple techniques I thought were really cool – particularly the earrings on the cover, where the artist used a wire form to create a resin-filled bezel. I would love to try resin some day (I should add that to my list!) and it’s so clever to use wire to form the bezel.

must use gift cards immediately.
I received a Michael’s gift card for Christmas so of course I had to use it immediately. One of the things I bought was this cool set of clear stamps by Tim Holtz.

tim holtz stamps

I was surprised to see that Michael’s had a nice selection of Tim Holtz products. I like his line of art stuff – he always has interesting and different supplies. I particularly like his inks and glitter glues. As soon as I saw these stamps I knew I had to have them. I love that chandelier!

I hope this new year brings all sorts of wonderful things for everyone!

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