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a little cosmic flavor
Look what I bought:

Abnormally Attracted to Sin - Tori Amos

A new Tori album always makes me happy. I haven’t been able to listen to it a whole lot yet, but I like it so far. Usually I have to listen to her new albums a few times before I can really get into them, because her albums are all so different from each other, in terms of how they sound. This one has a techno-undertone to it, in contrast to her last album, where she really rocked it out, in contrast to the album before that, which was lush and gorgeous-sounding.

So far I’m really loving Welcome to England. Some other songs too, but they’re all kind of jumbled in my head right now.

yummy magazine stuff
I finished reading the premier issue of Somerset Apprentice.

Somerset Apprentice - Premier Issue

I liked it well enough. I thought some of the instructions could have been more detailed (I always crave more details), and for some of the artwork I wish there had been more photos to go along with the instructions, but taken as an introduction to various mixed-media techniques, it’s very good. My favorite projects were:

In the Dog House by Donne Goldstein, page 20
Grace Within by Anni Schwabe, page 32
Two Souls by Becky Shander, page 42
Turquoise Bird Trio by Sara Naumann, page 58
Mini Memories by Connie Govea Stuart, page 82
Little Canvas Shrine by Amarie Hill, page 98

small moments
Watching the cute baby ducks that live in the creek behind our neighborhood. A guy on a motorcycle on our street, waiting while some of the neighborhood ducks finished crossing the street. Eating delicious Lindt chocolate I received for Mother’s Day.

~visiting the edge of the milky way~

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the little devil-child

a little angel-devil child

That’s Lily. I got to spend a lot of time with her last weekend, as I was off on Friday and Marc had to work all weekend. So it was just the two of us.

We went to the park, got her first professional haircut, played all sorts of things, and watched Finding Nemo. It was altogether a very pleasant time. I could almost call her an angel-child. Almost.

more new jewels
I also got a bunch of jewelry made – the necklace I mentioned a post or so ago as well as two pairs of earrings and two bracelets (one of which I’m keeping for myself. Everything else will go on my Etsy shop).

Grey Gardens Necklace

Grey Gardens Earrings

Grey Gardens Bracelets

Grey Gardens Earrings - 2

I love this combination of beads – the Czech fire-polished in black, red, and bronze, the champagne-colored pearls, and the antiqued-brass beads. They get along very well together.

small moments
A stream of sunlight coming through the window at Ooka. Riding around with the sunroof open (finally!)

~in a jewelry-creating mood~

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small moments
I’m making an effort in my life to live in the moment (when I can remember to anyway) and to purposefully take note of the little things around me. I think that we should take pleasure in the details that make up our lives, and that our lives will be more satisfying and fulfilling when we do.

So here are some recent small moments:
Brushing my daughter’s hair and enjoying the feel of her hair on my hand. Grass by the parking garage at work that was covered with a layer of dew drops. Sweet delicious blackberries that I had for breakfast several days in a row.

I finished reading the April 2009 issue of Bead & Button. I have to say it’s somewhat difficult to find the articles between all the ads these days. I remember when B&B first started there were no ads at all. And now apparently they’re making up for that.

Anyway, here are my favorite articles:

Hibiscus Twist, by Kerrie Slade, page 36

Hibiscus Twist by Kerrie Slade

Flowering Fringe, by Merle Berelowitz, page 42

Flowering Fringe, by Merle Berelowitz

And finally, a great article on page 58 on the phenomenal work of Marcus Amerman. The work in this scan, titled Postcard, is 11 x 17 inches, and made with size 13 charlottes, which are tiny tiny beads. His beadwork is just amazing.

Marcus Amerman

my favorite magazines, on the cheap
I’m so excited – Post Script is having their back issue sale again! I’ve been waiting forever for another sale. I picked up a Sew Somerset, a Somerset Workshop, a Somerset Studio, and a couple Somerset Memories. All for $21. You can’t beat that, and I certainly can’t resist.

~visions of magazines dancing in my head~

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somerset holiday, here i come
I have some exciting news to share – the vintage Halloween party favor sacks that I submitted to Somerset Studio have been chosen as a how-to article for Somerset Holiday! I’m so happy about it – it’s my first real article and something that I’ve dreamed of for years. I am so grateful that I have such wonderful magazines that I can submit my work to, and that they think my work is something worth publishing.

My article is slated for the September 2009 issue. I started writing it yesterday – I’ve never written an actual article before, so I’m a little nervous about it. I’m sure it will turn out ok, though.

I had a lot of faith in my Halloween party favor sacks – I never like to brag, but I know when I make something that’s really good, and they turned out really good. I’m so happy they get to have a turn in the spotlight.

in other news
I have several magazines that I’ve finished reading in the past few weeks. I’ll start with my favorites from Marie:

Antoinette, Garden des Secrets, by Lonnie Bullington – Miss Bullington created a Marie paper doll using a technique called paper tole. This technique involves creating a 3-d paper doll by cutting out various layers of the attire. It’s a really neat technique that I’d like to try out sometime.

Antoinette, Garden des Secrets, by Lonnie Bullington
Antoinette, Garden des Secrets, by Lonnie Bullington

Paper Shoes, article by Connie Govea Stuart, artwork by Sherry Murphy, Rebecca Stohlman, and Connie Govea Stuart – simply exquisite paper shoes.

Paper Shoes, by Connie Govea Stuart and Sherry Murphy
Paper Shoes, Marie, article by Connie Govea Stuart

Queen Marie, by Margaret Field
Miss Field created two beautiful collages. I love her generous use of
lace and other trims.

In the Dessert Garden, by Betty Parker Knowles
This piece is simply fabulous and so original. I love the figure, and the flowers blooming with desserts, and the subtle yet intricate background. Just perfectly done.

In the Dessert Garden, by Betty Parker Knowles
In the Dessert Garden, by Betty Parker Knowles

Vintage Bling Cuff, by Nerissa Alford
This bracelet is so awesome. I love how Miss Alford colored the metal, and the crystals and the cameo add the perfect touch. Totally cool.

Under the Spell, by Nancy Gene Armstrong
Miss Armstrong used four different techniques on the same portrait of Marie to create her collages. Each one is so gorgeous and really cool looking.

Madame’s Portrait Book, by Nancy Piper
This idea is so wonderful – Miss Piper used portraits of Marie and her children and created a simple yet oh-so-elegant “photo album” of sorts. I really love this idea, and I’m thinking of doing something similiar, although I’d like to use portraits of everyone who was important in Marie’s flife. Miss Piper’s book is so beautifully done and such an original idea. Very cool.

Madame’s Portrait Book, by Nancy Piper
Madame's Portrait Book, by Nancy Piper

Marie Antoinette & the Fashion of 18th Century France by Barbara Dunford
I love this book because it is one of the few pieces in this magazine that address the actual history and life of Marie Antoinette. Don’t let the title fool you! The first several pages do showcase fashion, and beauty, but the last two pages….Miss Dunford has taken some time to learn about the end of Marie Antoinette. No More Pain and Solitude conclude the tragic story of Marie. Coming at the very end of the magazine, I think they are most appropriate.

Marie Antoinette & the Fashion of 18th Century France by Barbara Dunford
Marie Antoinette & the Fashion of 18th Century France

I was a Queen, and you took away my crown; a wife, and you killed my husband; a mother, and you deprived me of my children. My blood alone remains; take it, but do not make me suffer long. Marie Antoinette

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girls rule
I’ve been working on my Mother’s Day cards. I’m so happy with how they have turned out – I wish I had made one for myself!

I have a new idea concerning Mother’s Day, inspired by my Girls Rule stamp by Tim Holtz, which I am implementing through these cards.

an official proclamation
I decided that Mother’s Day is too exclusive. We need a day to celebrate all women. Therefore I am renaming this year’s Mother’s Day. It will now be known as Girls Rule Day.

Here are some pictures of the cards.

This is very close to life-size.
Girls Rule - Mother's Day card

And the inside…
Girls Rule - Mother's Day card, inside

Each card features that adorable little girl, and inside I have written five reasons why the recipient rules. Each recipient has her own list, since each has her own particular strengths. Although I did put that last item on each card.

back to basics
I’ve also been working on a simple necklace with the leftovers from my bronze pendant necklace. I have an idea for a bracelet too, if I have enough of a certain bead. We’ll see!

~happily creating~

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curioser and curioser
I’ve been reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I love the Disney movie – it’s one of my favorite movies – so I thought I would read the book. I’ve never read it before. Once I finish that I’ll read Through the Looking Glass.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

The introduction in this edition is surprisingly long and honestly it was a teeny bit over my head with its analysis of the two books in terms of boredom, desire, and death. I think it was a little overwrought.

I find Alice to be intriguing – she ends up in a very strange place and yet is calm (mostly), outspoken, and very forward towards all the characters she meets. Plus, she goes around eating and drinking all sorts of things when she has no idea what the consequence will be! I think Alice may be a little mad herself…

Illustration from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

~lost down the rabbit hole~

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